Sharon Lipman
Paranormal Romance Author

The Glossary

Vampires are an ancient race. Though they have been on earth for millennia, there are still some words in use for which there is no direct English translation

AhmranThe call of a mate's blood or blood song. Only a true mate will hear it, as if composed especially for them
AmocinMale mate
AmocintaFemale mate
BrihlaThe ash left behind when a Vampire perishes. Their bodies decompose like a slow-burning funeral pyre. The process normally takes twelve to twenty-four hours.
EldurThe longing a female Vampire will feel before her mate claims her. It starts with cramps and fever, but will progress to excruciating agony. She will be unable to stand the touch of any male who is not her mate until the mating is complete.
FallenOne Vampire coven chose to keep the souls with which they had been entrusted. Their sacred burden forgotten, they fed on a power and vitality they never knew existed; they let the souls die and failed in their duty to convey spirits to the Glory of Faerie.
These became the Fallen. So enraptured, they walked from the light into the darkness and, in doing so, cursed an entire race.
Stealing mortal souls and taking pleasure in harming humans are just two of their hobbies.
MaluthLeader of a coven, usually the eldest male.


What modern generations refer to as “glamour.” The ability to appear as you are not. A Vampire can use their Menæwen to disguise anything about themselves, from their hair and eye colour, to the clothes they are wearing. Vampires and other Fae will be able to detect the disguise, no matter how practiced.


An honour debt. The most serious of debts which most Fae refuse to enter into. Vampires count honour above all else. Some have lost their lives to repay a debt rather than suffer the dishonour of letting an Onærelen go unpaid.
Vampire Vampires belonged to the Seelie Court; the aristocracy of Faerie, and were bound by honour, love and beauty. They are not the demons most humans believe them to be. Their need for blood stems not from evil, but from duty. Before modern day religions like Christianity and Islam, there was only Faerie, and Vampires were tasked with sending the souls of the dying back to The Glory. When one coven Fell and kept the souls with which they had been entrusted, the whole race were cast from Faerie and banished to earth.
Vampires still have the ability to carry souls, but without the keys to Faerie, they have relinquished their duties. Now they do their best to protect humans from the Fallen
They will only return once the Fallen are vanquished.