Sharon Lipman
Paranormal Romance Author

The Characters



Born: 1813

Height: 5'6

Eyes: Midnight blue

Hair: Raven

Rank: Guardian

Weapon of choice: Sword

Speciality: Fallen tracking


Orphaned at a young age, Lena was brought up within The Order. Head-strong and fiercely independent, Lena is an act first, think later kinda girl. She doesn't take orders well and often ignores them in favour of her own, much more genius plan. She likes doing things her way, preferably on her own.

She is an expert Fallen tracker and can sense them from long distances. Since she often engages in unauthorised attacks, her knowledge of Fallen activity is probably the best in the Order. Lena is an excellent swordswoman and can beat anyone in a fair fight. She takes an extra thrill from being up-close-and-personal when sending the Fallen to meet their maker.

Despite her confidence in her abilities, she suffers from bouts of paranoia and hates to be treated differently from her brethren. Being the only woman in The Order, she often hides her femininity to fit in and be counted equal.

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Thorn Blackwood

Born: 1215
Height: 6'7
Eyes: Gold
Hair: Jett black
Rank: King
Weapon on choice: hand-to-hand combat
Specialty: No one can refuse his direct order


Last of the Blackwood line, Thorn reluctantly ascended to the throne after his brother, Jett, died at a young age.

A trained warrior and the best hand-to-hand fighter in The Order, he would rather be on the battlefield than at court. Fiercely loyal to friends and the race, he often struggles with the responsibility of the crown and misses the freedom he enjoyed when he was just a Guardian. The battle against the Fallen has taken its toll on the Blackwood family and he often feels as though he is swimming against the tide.


Soraya Blackwood

Born: 1170
Height: 5'4
Eyes: Light gold
Hair: Black
Rank: Princess
Weapon on choice: --
Specialty: Seer


Gentle and kind, the very beautiful, intelligent Soraya trained as a medic against her family's wishes. She has led a sheltered life at court and though she loves her family dearly she sometimes feels trapped by them. She is by no means a Warrior and she is well aware that her status within the race makes her vulnerable to attack.
Born with the gift of foresight, Soraya carries the heavy burden of knowing what will be, often centuries before it comes to pass. She cannot always tell those involved what will happen, but she does her best to guide them in the right direction. Ever calm, she acts as a sounding board for most of the Guardians.



Born: 1108
Height: 6'4
Eyes: Ice blue
Hair: White blond
Rank: Keeper of the Watch
Weapon on choice: Modified Glock
Specialty: Tracking his blood bonded brethren


Second only to the King, Kaden has stood as Keeper of the Watch for the last 800 years and commands The Order. Uptight and demanding of his Guardians, he takes his duties very seriously. He is responsible for The Order and must ensure the safety of House Blackwood, the royal household and the civilian population. His loyalty and honour know no bounds.
An innate ability allows him to track any of his brethren and see them and their surroundings as though he was standing there with them.
He rescued Lena when she was a youngling and although he tries to treat her the same as everyone else, she is, in reality, his little sister in all but name.



Born: 1965

Height: 6'2

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Brown

Rank: Guardian

Weapon on choice: Glock

Specialty: Telepathy


At only 50 years old, Ryver is the youngest member of The Order. As the only telepath in living memory, he is often called on to use his skills against the Fallen. He can hear a person's thoughts as easily as breathing and while it comes in handy in the fight against the Fallen, the novelty has well and truly worn off.
Despite being Lena's best friend, he prefers to keep his own company. He is often found at Diablo, a goth clubs where the music is so loud it drowns out the thoughts of others.



Born: 1117
Height: 6'4

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Brown
Rank: Quartermaster
Weapon of choice: Explosives
Specialty: Bomb disposal


Mercury is the smart arse, of the group and always has a joke to tell despite being a fearsome fighter. He is blind in one eye and bears a scar that runs from his eyebrow to the corner of his mouth. He is so adept at Menæwen that younger or weaker Vampires are unlikely to see the extent of his injuries.

His skills with the ladies are legend - one night stands and heavy drinking are his M.O. What Mercury doesn't know about PlayStation cheats and the world of military technology isn't worth knowing



Born: 1687
Height: 6'2
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
Rank: Guardian
Weapon on choice: Knives
Specialty: Healer


Phoenix is The Order's field medic.
With a bizarre love all things 80's, including fashion, he often plays wingman to Mercury. When he's not on duty or chatting up the ladies, he's probably watching a re-run of Ferris Bueller's Day Off, or The Breakfast Club.



Born: 1582
Height: 6'1
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red
Rank: Guardian
Weapon on choice: Sword
Specialty: Empathy


A fun loving practical joker who never takes life very seriously, Skylar often forgets to engage his brain before speaking. His off-the-cuff remarks often land him in hot water with Kaden, but he tries not to take it to heart. As an empath, he often notices things about others that the rest of the team haven't