Sharon Lipman
Paranormal Romance Author

Welcome to House Blackwood

Even when Vampires lived within the glorious confines of the Fae Seelie Court, House Blackwood has ruled the race, answerable to no one but the Holy Mother of Fae herself.

It has often been said that with great power comes great responsibility. When one Vampire coven committed an act so unthinkable, House Blackwood had to shoulder at least some of the blame. King Logan, along with the entire Vampire race were banished from Faerie, cursed to walk in darkness, their soul bearing duties relinquished until those who would blacken the name of Faerie are brought to justice.

The battle against the perpetrators has been long and not without cost. Whilst their enemies grow in numbers, the Vampire race has dwindled, and their magic is waning.

Thorn, Logan's son is now on the throne, and his Noble Guard, The Order of Blackwood are all that stands between evil and the human race. In secret, they wage their battle against the Fallen, but is it enough?

Find out in the House Blackwood series.