Sharon Lipman
Paranormal Romance Author

By: Fantasia Cover Designs | October 26, 2017

This fabulous boxset is available for preorder now. There are books from 24 amazing authors, plus there's a chance to get your hands on even more books if you do preoder it. It's only 99c, so what are you waiting for?

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There are a bumper load of prizes on offer with these fabulous looking series, so don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end of the post!

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Demon Rising

by DeAnna Browne

Genre: Adult Urban Fantasy

Some sacrifices cost more than death…

Thirty years ago, dark magicians unleashed new power on the earth fueled by demons. Governments toppled, millions died and magicians ended up on top of the food chain.

Twenty-four-year-old Becca survives these dangerous times by relying on her wits, her fists, and the limited goodwill of her boss, a local crime lord. When news comes of a fire back home and the family she left behind dead, she realizes her dark past has finally caught up to her.

On the hunt for her missing sister, she must rely on Darion, a treacherous ex-boyfriend with ties to the local coven for back-up. Problem is he’s a pyromancer that can’t be trusted, especially with h...

By: Fantasia Cover Designs | July 03, 2017

Indie Author, Catherine Banks is back with another amazing looking title. Order her latest release, Demonic Contract, Dragon Kissed Trilogy Part One today for just 99c!

By: Fantasia Cover Designs | June 12, 2017

Blood Dragons
Rebel Vampires Volume 1
By Rosemary A Johns

How do you rebel in a family vampires? 


"In a precarious world where vampires are both predator and prey,  Blood Dragons  deftly blends elements of paranormal thriller and passionate romance... A character-driven, sizzling-hot saga" -  Midwest Book Review

Escape into a supernatural suspense aflame with love, revenge and redemption.

There are three people in this affair...and two of them aren’t human.  In a divided paranormal London, Light is the rebel bad boy vampire of the Blood Lifer world, with a photographic memory. And a Triton motorbike. Since Victorian times he’s hidden in the shadows with Ruby - a savage Elizabe...