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By: Fantasia Cover Designs | May 02, 2016

I belong to a number of writing and writer support groups on Facebook. Over the weekend, my newsfeed exploded with one, truly maddening story. I'm paraphrasing, but the original shared screenprint of a message went something like this:

Dear Author

I read your books and they are well written and I enjoyed them immensely.

Unfortunately, 99c or $2.99 is far too much for me to pay for an ebook, so I've returned them for a refund.

In the future, can you please make your books available for free.

*Please note I will not name the original poster to protect their privacy 

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By: Fantasia Cover Designs | November 08, 2015

Last night I googled "Bound to Blackwood." Hey don't hate me - I'm an author and it's still cool to see my book on the internet.

What I discovered though filled me with horror. My book has been pirated and is available via I site I've never heard of for free download. My initial reaction was one of anger. How dare some random on the internet pimp out my lovingly created book for free? I imagine this is how most authors would feel.

Naturally, I sent OMG messages to my friends who all offered sympathy and advice about what I should do. Then I scoured the internet for help. The problem is, of course, that many of these sites are anonymous and don't even have the direct link to your work. They link to another site, and then link and l...

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