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Annalise Storm Chronicles Book 1
by May Freighter
Genre: Dystopian Mystery, Romantic Suspense

It’s the year 2330. At the end of the twenty-second century, the human race has divided into two distinct groups—purebloods and the ‘modded’. Those who are unfortunate enough to be genetically modified are now nothing but servants for their pureblooded masters.
Living in this time, you know your place, and you do not cross the line. So, when a violent death occurs in the Bronze District, Annalise is ordered to take this as her trial run at Divinity PD to prove that she can do the job as a member of the Human Possession Department. 
To defy her father’s wish to marry her off, and keep her Chief happy, she is determined to solve this murde...

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Grafton County Series, Book 2
by Sue Coletta

Author Sage Quintano writes about crime. Her husband Niko investigates it. Together they make an unstoppable team. But no one counted on a twisted serial killer, who stalks their sleepy community, uproots their happy home, and splits the threads that bonds their family unit.

Darkness swallows the Quintanos whole—ensnared by a ruthless killer out for blood. Why he focused on Sage remains a mystery, but he won’t stop till she dies like the others.

Women impaled by deer antlers, bodies encased in oil drums, nursery rhymes, and the Suicide King. What connects these cryptic clues? For Sage and Niko, the truth may be more terrifying than they ever imagined.

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Something a little different from our normal features today - a mystery/historic adventure series from Garrett Dennis. If this tickles your fancy, the author is giving away 5 Ebooks from the series as well as a $25 Amazon gift card, so don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end of the post!