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By: Fantasia Cover Designs | October 24, 2017

We have not one, but THREE fabulous looking historical romances to share with you today. Plus, there's a chance to win a $30 Amazon gift certificate so don't forget to enter the giveaway at the end of the post.

By: Fantasia Cover Designs | October 02, 2017

Something a little different for all you horror fans out there today. There's also a chance to win a copy of the book as well as Amazon and B&N gift certificates, so check out the book, and don't forget to enter the Rafflecopter at the end of the post.

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By: Fantasia Cover Designs | June 29, 2017

by Jane Goodger

Welcome to St. Ives, the charming seaside town where even a down-on-her luck bride might find her way back to love . . .

As if being left at the alter for the third time isn’t bad enough, Lady Alice Hubbard has now been dubbed “The Bad Luck Bride” by the London newspapers. Defeated, she returns to her family’s estate in St. Ives, resolved to a future as a doting spinster. After all, a lady with her record of marital mishaps knows better than to dream of happily-ever-after. But then Alice never expects to see Henderson Southwell again. Her beloved brother’s best friend disappeared from her life soon after her brother’s death. Until now…

Alice is just as achingly beautiful as Henderson remembers. And just a...

By: Fantasia Cover Designs | June 14, 2017

by Diana Cosby

Deep within Scotland, a healer and a warrior join forces to protect Scotland’s future . . .

There is an intruder in the woods near King Robert Bruce’s camp, but when Sir Thomas MacKelloch comes face-to-face with the interloper, he is shocked to discover his assailant is a woman. The fair lady is skilled with a bow and arrow and defiant in her responses. The wary Knight Templar dare not allow her beauty to lower his guard. Irritated by his attraction, he hauls her before his sovereign to expose her nefarious intent.

Outraged Sir Thomas dismissed her claim, Mistress Alesone MacNiven awaits the shock on the arrogant knight’s face when he learns that she has told the truth. But it is she who is shocked, and then...

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By: Fantasia Cover Designs | June 06, 2017

The Most Dangerous Duke in London
by Madeline Hunter

Name and title: Adam Penrose, Duke of Stratton. Affiliation: London’s elite Society of Decadent Dukes. Family history: Scandalous. Personality traits: Dark and brooding, with a thirst for revenge. Ideal romantic partner: A woman of means, with beauty and brains, willing to live with reckless abandon. Desire: Clara Cheswick, gorgeous daughter of his family’s sworn enemy.

Clara may be the woman Adam wants, but there’s one problem: she’s far more interested in publishing her women’s journal than getting married—especially to a man said to be dead-set on vengeance. Though, with her nose for a story, Clara wonders if his desire for...